How to Choose the Best Floorstanding Speaker?

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Floorstanding speakers are long-standing speakers that are favorable to in-home stereo use or home theatre setups. As the name implies, floorstanding speakers (AKA tower speakers) sit on the floor. But how do we choose a floorstanding speaker? For a powerful sound, floorstanding speakers are ideal. Their increased size gives them a more profound bass response than a bookshelf or stand mount speakers and allows them to fill a larger room easily. A good quality pair of floorstanding speakers can instantly supercharge your hi-fi system and deliver room-filling sound. With larger cabinets than bookshelf speakers, floorstanding speakers are generally capable of more significant scale, authority, and bass. They produce quality sound and are a must-have if you want to own a professional home audio system.

In this article, we will discuss five tips for choosing the best floorstanding speakers and will compare our offerings.


Floorstanding speakers have several drivers; the types of drivers may vary from speaker to speaker. There are typically three driver types, each serving a specific frequency range:

  • Tweeter drivers produce the highest range frequencies, ranging from around 1,800Hz up to as high as 50,000Hz.
  • Midrange drivers reproduce frequencies typically ranging between 200Hz to 2,000Hz, handle the most significant part of the audible sound spectrum.
  • The woofer driver reproduces low-frequency sounds typically ranging between 200Hz to 30HZ.

In a 2-Way speaker system, the woofer typically serves the role of the midrange driver and the woofer.

2. Cabinet Construction

Cabinet construction is essential when choosing the best floorstanding speakers. The cabinet’s structure should be sturdy (Internal cabinet bracing is a good way to create a solid cabinet); that way, it won’t negatively affect the sound from vibrations caused by the driver’s movement. Different cabinet configurations vary with the number of drivers they contain (two-way speakers, three-way speakers, and four-way speakers). Also, consider your room’s aesthetics and matching a speaker that will fit it.

3.The Speaker’s Size

You need to choose the best floorstanding speaker that fits in your space. Generally speaking, the bigger the speaker, the louder it can play. So, a larger room may need bigger speakers.

4.Check Speaker Specifications

It’s essential to check the floorstanding speaker’s specifications and understand what each specification means. Check on specs like frequency response which is the frequency range that the speaker can produce. Next, impedance measures the current resistance that impacts the load transmitted from the amplifier that the speaker can handle. Sensitivity measures how well a speaker can convert power into sound. Understanding these specifications is essential when matching your amplifier with the speaker.

5.Wire Terminal Configuration

There are generally two types of speaker terminals, spring clips and binding posts. Spring clips commonly found in low-end models work with a pin or bare wire-type connections, while binding post terminals are sturdier and more adaptable, allowing for different wire connections. There are different configurations for different terminals. Some speakers have two terminal sets, one for low-frequency drivers and one for high-frequency drivers.

With these things in mind, let’s take a look at ELAC’s floorstanders.

Debut 2.0 F5.2 Floorstanding Speaker ($349.98 Each)

With its new custom drivers and improved cabinet design, the Debut F5.2 is the foundation of a serious two-channel system or the nucleus of an impressive multi-channel setup. Add an app-enabled ELAC subwoofer, and you have a full-range system that delivers big-league sound affordably.


Enclosure Type : 3 – Way Bass Reflex Frequency Response: 42Hz – 35000Hz Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms Sensitivity: 86db @2.83v/1m Crossover Frequency: 90Hz/2200Hz Max Power Input: 140 Watts Tweeter: 1″ Cloth Dome Woofer: Triple 5-1/4″ Aramid Fiber Cabinet: CARB2 Rated MDF Cabinet Finish: Black Ash Vinyl Port: 3 x Dual Flared Binding Posts: 5 – Way Metal Dimensions (WxHxD): 7.09″ x 40″ x 9.21″

Debut Reference Floorstanding Speaker ($599.98 Each)

Building on the iconic status of ELAC’s Debut Series, a new Reference line emerges for our exclusive dealers. The Debut Reference brings significant acoustical and visual advancements. Designed to blend with traditional or contemporary styles. Debut Reference sounds as great as it looks!


Enclosure Type: 3-Way Bass Reflex Frequency Response: 42Hz – 35000Hz Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms Sensitivity: 87db @ 2.83v/1m Crossover Frequency: 90Hz/2200Hz Max Power Input: 140 Watts Tweeter: 1″ Cloth Dome Midrange: 5.25 Inch Aramid Fiber Woofer: 2 x 5.25 Inch Aramid Fiber Cabinet: CARB2 Rated MDF Ports: 3 x Dual Flared Binding Posts: 5-Way Metal Cabinet Finishes: White Baffle, Oak Cabinet or Black Baffle, Walnut Cabinet Accessories Included: Magnetic fabric grill Weight: 36.81 lbs Each Dimensions (WxHxD): 7.28″ x 39.99 x 9.52″

Uni-Fi 2.0 Floorstanding Speaker ($599.98)

For larger environments or when you’re looking for greater bass dynamics, the UF52, with its multiple bass driver configurations, will meet the needs of even the most demanding soundtracks or music. Using the same outstanding drivers and technology as the other models in the series ensures this compact, 3-way, bass-reflex floorstander delivers a matched sonic signature.


Speaker type: 3-way, bass-reflex Tweeter: 1 x 1-inch soft dome, concentrically mounted Midrange: 1 x 4-inch aluminum cone Woofer: 3 x 5.25-inch aluminum cone Crossover frequency: 200 / 2,000 Hz Frequency response: 42 to 35,000 Hz Sensitivity: 85 dB at 2.83 v/1m Recommended amplifier power: 40 to 140 WPC Peak power handling: 140 WPC Nominal impedance: 6 Ω Binding posts: 5-way custom Magnetic shielding: No Cabinet finishes: Black ash vinyl Accessories included: Fabric grille Dimensions (WxHxD):7.28″x38.58″x10.83″

Uni-Fi Reference Floorstanding Speaker ($999.98 Each)

The new UniFi Reference series matches fresh visual elegance with unparalleled sound to bring you a new industry benchmark product. UniFi Reference line expands the Reference product offering for our exclusive dealers. Designed to blend with traditional or contemporary styles, UniFi Reference brings significant acoustical and visual advancements to the category. “Reference” series of products bring significant acoustic and visual advancements to their respective product lines. UniFi Reference is the culmination of the technology and aesthetics of the Debut Reference and UniFi 2.0 speaker series.


Speaker Type: 3-Way Bass Reflex Frequency Response: 40Hz—35000Hz Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms Sensitivity: 86db Crossover Frequency: 220 / 1800Hz Maximum Power Input: 140 Watts Tweeter: 1″ Soft Dome Midrange: 4″ Aluminum Woofers: 3 x 5.25″ Aluminum Cabinet: CARB2 Rated MDF Cabinet Finish: Satin White with Oak Sides or Satin Black with Walnut Sides Port: Dual Flared Slots Binding Posts: Bi-Wire 5-Way Dimensions (WxHxD): 7.28″ x 39.18″ x 13.31″

Carina FS247.4 Floorstand Speaker ($1299.98 Each)

Building upon its performance, Carina continues ELAC’s tradition of utilizing the JET tweeter, chosen for its exceptional clarity, dynamics and attack. A new in-house developed proprietary compound curvature aluminum coned woofer is seamlessly blended via a sophisticated multi-element x-over to produce an organic life-like sound experience to match this capability. Fresh looks, fresh sound; the new Carina is destined to enhance ELACs class-leading reputation further.


Type: 2-1/2 way Vented box Woofer: 2 x Aluminum cone 5-1/4″ Tweeter: JET folded ribbon Crossover frequency: 1kHz / 2.7kHz Frequency range (IEC 268-5): 34Hz – 30kHz Sensitivity: 87dB/2.83V/1m Recommended amplifier power: 30 to 250 WPC Peak power handling: 120W Nominal | Minimum impedance: 6 Ohm / 4.8 Ohm Finishes: Satin Black, Satin White Accessories included: Binding post straps, outrigger feet, spikes, and discs Weight: 36.20 lbs Dimensions (HxWxD): 08.52 x 08.06 x 42.07

The VELA FS 407 Floorstanding Speaker ($2499.98 Each)

A complex design: high-class lacquered and wooden veneered cabinets, which have a trapezoid shape and are angled rearward, combined with aluminum and glass. The design catches eyes but conduces acoustics, too. The sound of VELA shows its family background to the successful 400 series. But the advantages are distinct. The angling of the cabinet in combination with the new waveguide of the JET tweeter improves the definition of stereo and multi-channel audio in modern furnishing. But there are more than noticeable changes. For example, the optimized drivers can reproduce high-energy transients more precisely.


Type: 2 ½-Way, bass-reflex Woofer: 2 x 150 mm Ø, AS XR cone Midrange: 150 mm Tweeter: JET 5 Magnetic shielding: No Crossover frequency: 450 | 2400 Hz Frequency range (IEC 268-5): 30 – 50000 Hz Sensitivity: 88 dB at 2,83 V/m Suitable for amplifiers: 4 – 8 Ω Recommended amplifier power: 40 – 300 W/channel Nominal | Peak power handling: 130 W | 170 W Nominal | Minimum impedance: 4 Ω | 3,5 Ω at 200 Hz Finishes: Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Walnut High Gloss Accessories included: Plate with Spikes and Washer Optional accessory: Speaker grilles Dimensions (HxWxD): 1000 x 229 x 266 mm

The Concentro S 507 Floorstanding Speaker ($6499.98 Each)

Concentro is synonymous with the ultimate in workmanship, design, and sound. The Concentro S 507 retains all the features and benefits of the larger Concentro loudspeakers but creates its unique visual impact. Its exterior is a perfect symbiosis of the extravagant design of the Concentro and the clean lines of the VELA Series. The basic trapezoid shape, wraparound baffle, and gently angled cabinet combine to convey a natural, low-key appearance. The striking bottom assembly achieves a ‘high-heel effect, imparting a sense of elegance and stability. Incidentally, it also guarantees an exceptionally sound footing.

The innovative step X-JET features a concentric chassis built around a new JET 5c tweeter and a midrange driver with an aluminum membrane. The patented technology uses exchangeable DCRs (Directivity Control Ring) to tailor the directional characteristics in the mid-frequency range to conditions in the listening area. The different DCRs (three aluminum DCRs are included as standard) are used to influence the relationship between direct and diffuse sound in the listening area. Four powerful side-firing long-throw woofers ensure effortless performance. The special ICD configuration (Impluse Compensated Design) guarantees contoured bass reproduction free of any coloration due to unwanted mechanical vibrations. The Concentro S 507 will satisfy the most discerning listeners by reproducing audio signals to perfection across the entire frequency spectrum and at all volumes.


Type: 4-Way, Bass Reflex Woofer: 4 x 150mm AS Cone Low-Midrange: 1 x 180mm AS-XR Cone High-Midrange: 1×50|130mm AL Cone Tweeter: 1 x Jet 5c Crossover Frequency: 120 | 400 | 2600 Hz Nominal power handling: 240 Watts Minimum Impedance: 3.0 Ohms @ 360 Hz Peak Power Handling: 300 Watts Frequency Range: 24 – 50,000 Hz Sensitivity: 88 dB / 2.83V/m Suitable for Amplifiers: 4 – 8 ohms Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms Recommended amplifier power: 60 – 500 Watts per channel Finishes: Black High Gloss, White High Gloss Accessories Included: Bi-Wiring Set, Gloves, Spike Set, Washer Dimensions (HxWxD): 1220 X 270X 380 mm