Integrator Rack Mount Amplifier with Matrix Switching and Assignable Outputs – IS-AMP340

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IS-AMP340 Rack Mount Amplifier
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The IS-AMP340 digital amplifier is loaded with features, packed into a small chassis to fit in tight spaces.


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Designed to work both as a 2 or 3 channel in stereo or full Dolby Digital decoding. Seamless integration with 3rd party controllers and a custom WebGUI for easy setup and deployment.

Product Specifications


Configurable Amplification

The IS-AMP340 can be configured as a 2 x 60 Watts or 3 x 40 watts. This allows the amplifier to drive a simple stereo zone with or without a subwoofer and a full Dolby Digital 3.1 system all configured using our simple Web based GUI.

Dolby Digital Decoding

True Dolby Digital 3.1 decoding allows for content from local media, streaming media and over-the-air content to be decoded in its natural state providing a real center channel for crystal-clear dialog and a true LFE (Low Frequency Effects) channel for theatrical levels of bass.

ABC (Auto Blend & Calibrate)

Our exclusive ABC technology deals with two of the biggest problems with in-wall or on-wall audio systems, proper blending of a subwoofer with your main speakers and room correction. Presets for ELAC speakers allow for even easier setup. Simply download our free App for your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions.

Remote Learning

The remote learning feature allows the In-Wall Amp to be controlled by 3rd party remote controls such as cable/ satellite remote controls. An included IR sensor allows for the control of the IS-AMP340 when mounted behind the T V. The Learning Feature is setup using our free iOS and Android App.


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