Muro 50″ 3 Channel Passive Soundbar – MS-SB41S

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MS-SB41S Passive Soundbar
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ELAC’s new passive 3-channel soundbars deliver the thrill and excitement from your favorite movies and music without the footprint of a traditional home theater speaker system. It’s dedicated center speaker ensure that dialogue from your favorite TV shows and movies is always center stage, while the left and right channels deliver the performance and impact of traditional bookshelf speakers.

Product Specifications



Silk Dome Tweeter With Deep Spheroid Waveguide

The waveguide surrounding the new ELAC high-frequency driver features a custom, deep spheroid profile to improve directivity control and efficiency.

Slim Wall Mount

The included slim wall mount ensures a great look with all décor. Wires pull through a single opening, and the soundbar can slide on the mount to center with your viewing panel.

2 – Different Lengths

Two different sizes ensure a good match with most TV sizes from 55” to 75”


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